Brushing your teeth has to be your first concern if you want to keep your mouth healthy. The foundation of a healthy smile is brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, but interdental cleaning is one easy addition that can significantly improve your mouth’s health.

Even though brushing is the most efficient approach to keep your teeth clean, only 60% of the tooth surfaces are really reached. One of the simplest and most crucial things you can do to improve the health of your smile is to use inter dental brushes to clean in between the spaces in your teeth.

To help you with this straightforward addition to your dental health regimen, TePe and the dental Health Foundation have partnered as part of National Smile Month.

Why it’s crucial to clean between your teeth

Between the teeth, where a toothbrush cannot reach, dental plaque can accumulate.

This can eventually result in poor breath, gum irritation, and tooth decay. Use an interdental brush as part of your everyday cleaning practise to avoid this from happening.

A little brush known as an interdental brush is intended to clean in between your teeth, where a standard toothbrush cannot. In addition to using your toothbrush each day, using an interdental brush is a quick and simple approach to maintain healthy gums and teeth.

To maintain a clean, healthy mouth, we advise brushing between your teeth daily.

Your gums may feel a little uncomfortable and may bleed when you first begin cleaning in between your teeth, but do not stop because bleeding gums are frequently an indication of gum inflammation. Contact your dental expert if, after a few days, you do not see any change.

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Miguel de Cervantes

Picking the right size

It can be challenging to determine which interdental brush size is best for your mouth because there are so many different sizes available.

Ask a dental expert for their recommendation for the greatest guidance. Here are a few pointers to get you going in the meanwhile.

Insert the brush between the teeth, near the gum line, while looking in the mirror. Start with the smallest size and increase it until the brush bristles are in contact with the gum and tooth surface.
Although the wire of the brush should be plastic-coated, it shouldn’t contact the gums or the sides of the teeth. The brush should fit snugly. Never push the brush into a confined area.
After being inserted, move the interdental brush back and forth roughly 2-3 times throughout its entire length. Every day, make sure you brush all of the crevices in between your teeth.
It depends on the spaces between your teeth, which typically vary, if you require a combination of one or two brushes and floss in two to three different sizes.

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How to use interdental brushes

The right approach is essential for getting the most out of interdental cleaning. The good news is that learning how to use interdental brushes is not too difficult. Once mastered, it becomes a lifelong healthy habit.

1. Brush between the front teeth with a straight interdental tool.

Gently place the toothbrush between the teeth. Work the brush softly or use a smaller size rather than forcing it into a spot.
Repeatedly move the interdental brush in a full circle.

2. If using a small interdental brush on the back teeth

You can slightly curve the soft neck if you use a small interdental brush, such as one of TePe’s pink, orange, red, or blue brushes. Reaching between the back teeth is made simpler by applying pressure with your finger. Alternately, use a lengthy interdental brush, such as the TePe AngleTM.

3. If cleaning the rear teeth with a larger interdental brush

Access between the back teeth while utilising inter dental brushes of a greater size might be made easier by slightly curving the wire. If you don’t straighten the brush or bend it at a different angle, the interdental brush will last longer.

Take control of your oral health during National Smile Month

Learning how to maintain a clean and healthy mouth is at the core of National Smile Month. We may improve our lives by being aware of the steps we can take to achieve and maintain good dental implant health.

Please save and distribute this updated infographic via social media. The best technique to clean in between your teeth is with inter dental brushing, and this is a terrific introduction to it.

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