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Dental Tourism in India

Dental tourism means when a patient travels abroad for dental care. A vacation is frequently included with this. Some people combine medical and dental tourism (traveling for medical procedures). Although extensive work may be included in dental tourism, it often focuses on cosmetic operations or a basic checkup. Most people use tooth whitening and scrape and polish. Savings are the key factor. Up to 90% of what you would spend in the US might be saved. Flying, staying in a hotel, and paying for care may be less expensive options. The quality of dental and health care overseas can be as good as, or even better than, comparable care in the States.

One of the top nations in the dental tourism/healthcare facilitation sector is India. It is starting to take over as the preferred location for a variety of dental operations. The benefits of receiving medical care in India are numerous. The cost of dental care is roughly 70% less than it is in the United States. Many of the best clinics have affiliations with Western hospitals and international accreditation. India has an advantage over the other nations on this list due to the prevalence of medical personnel who speak English. The second-largest English-speaking country outside of the US is India. Finding a dentist who speaks English won’t be difficult.

Dental Treatments/Procedures Offered by Dental Tourism in India

India has many high-quality hospitals and skilled dentists who can provide trustworthy care. You can get numerous valuable dental packages in India from dental tourism businesses. The majority of them offer the following dental procedures or treatments:

  • Intra mouth dental scanning
  • Extraction of normal/fractured teeth under local anesthesia
  • Extraction of impacted wisdom teeth
  • Dental Tourism Benifits in IndiaCeramic caps without gold under microscopic control
  • Maxillary Surgery
  • Dental Bridges, Porcelain/Ceramic crowns
  • Bleaching
  • Prosthesis on the implant/ Dental Implants
  • Vertical and horizontal bone grafting
  • Gum Grafting/ Gums treatment
  • Palatal orthodontics
  • Fluoride treatments for children
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Smile designing
  • Root Canal
  • Teeth whitening
  • Tooth contouring and reshaping
  • Dental Fillings

Benefits of Dental Tourism in India

dental mohali
  • Low Cost:Travelling for dental work can save you a lot of money. The main drawback for most patients seeking dental care abroad is cost. All emerging nations have low costs for all utilities like food, housing, education, and medical care due to their developing economies.
  • World-class technology & experts:The medical professionals in India are well-trained and can able to operate sophisticated medical equipment. This ensures high quality dental care and assistance. The level of professionalism in dentistry in India is certainly high.
  • Immediate Service:Avoiding delays in service is another benefit. The majority of agencies are quite prompt in their service and they are aware of how serious the issue is.
  • Great Convenience: Comprehensive packages offered by agencies ensure that all facets of an international dental appointment are handled. Their all-inclusive offering guarantees that the patient receives the required data and contacts right away.

Travel Possibilities: As the term “dental tourism” suggests, persons who travel overseas for dental care do so in order to enjoy both dental care and the benefits of a holiday. Most of the underdeveloped nations where dental appointments are scheduled offer affordable boarding, lodging, and travel. Therefore, combining dental work with a vacation would be great. Most people who need dental care choose to schedule appointments on the weekends and bring friends or family along with them, turning their visit to the dentist into a vacation.

How to Connect with us on Dental Treatment 

The “All on 4” and “All on 6” treatment methods will typically be the topic of discussion with the dentist if you want to replace many of the lost teeth or all of the teeth in either of the jaws or both jaws. However, it is crucial to recognize that a number of factors affect how much dental implants cost.

How to reach at Esthetica Dental Clinic...

Analysis of Dental records

Once your request is received, your records are analyzed by our experts to advise you on the appropriate treatment solutions. For proper analysis, you should send us all you have- Written Notes by Doctors, Radiographs, referral letters, Photographs, drug prescriptions, laboratory prescriptions, etc etc.

Please note that all online submissions of medical and dental records must be translated into English prior to being submitted.Scan all your past records and Documents in a PDF format or JPG format and send them to us. Alternatively, you can also Email them to us.

Consult Before you Plan a Trip

Before you book your flight, we can set up an online (video) consultation for an overseas patient with the relevant doctor to go over your dental condition in more depth. Without any hesitancy, you can go into detail about your questions, treatment strategies, and durations. Using your smartphone or computer screen, you may now consult our doctors (Prof. Dr. Sharad Arya) from anywhere.

Confirm Your Dates

The team Esthetica will schedule any additional appointments needed during your treatment visit to Chandigarh- Mohali once your first appointment has been confirmed. Your designated international patient care executive will pick you up from the airport when you arrive and give all necessary assistance for the duration of your stay. Even after you heal, we can help you with any sightseeing excursions you might wish to plan.

Get Assistance from Treatment till Recovery

Our foreign patient services coordinators at the Esthetica team will be there for you at every stage, from the admissions procedure through doctor consultations, treatment, and recuperation. The doctor will advise you on post-treatment care and follow-up help for subsequent sessions, if necessary, after a successful course of treatment. We help you with all of your post-treatment questions, set up all of your medical records, support you as you go through the process of being discharged, and then we drop you off at the airport and even follow you to the plane’s door.

Follow-up after going home via E-Consultation

Once you are back at home, the Esthetica team makes it simple for you to get in touch with your doctor. By clicking a button, you can instantly connect (Prof. Dr. Sharad Arya).


Dental Treatment Cost Comparison

 Dental Procedures  USA ($)  India ($)
 Dental Implants  4,000.00  350.00 – 700.00
 Metal Free Crown  1,500.00  160.00
 Porcelain-Metal Crown  1,200.00  80.00
 Veneers  1,500.00  160.00
 Smile designing (Ant 6 teeth)  8,000.00  950.00
 Metal Free Bridge (3 unit)  4,500.00  480.00
 Porcelain Metal Bridge (3 unit)  3,000.00  240.00
 Laser Root canal Treatment  1,200.00  60.00
 Tooth colored composite fillings  500.00  25.00
 Laser Tooth whitening  1,000.00  130.00
 Balanced Complete Dentures  3,000.00  350.00

The prices in the table above are average prices and can vary.


Prof. Dr. Sharad Arya – MDS

Dr. Sharad Arya has currently carried out more than 11,000 implant surgeries.
Since 2012, he has been in charge of high risk dental implants.
He can perform complete mouth implants in 72 hours, and an expert in painless dental implants.


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