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Root canal

If the deepest part of the tooth is infected, root canal treatment is recommended to save the tooth. Esthetica, Mohali, during 1 day root canal treatment with modern fillings.

Esthetica, the best dental clinic in Mohali team of experienced and skilled dentists strives to provide the most effective and long-lasting root canal treatment in a single session, saving patients valuable time and achieving more successful results increase.

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal therapy helps remove the infected pulp and nerve at the root of the tooth. Aesthetica first examines the patient’s teeth and x-rays before applying anesthesia around the affected tooth. A fine needle is used to measure the length of the root canal and remove the infected pulp from the tooth. After this, the canal (where the nerve is located) is prepared and reformed with sterile plastic material to prevent possible future dental infections. Here, Dr. Sharad Arya, the best dentist in Tricity provides its valuable services for the best root canal treatment in Mohali at very pocket-friendly costs.

Root Canal Treatment ;

  • Painless treatment
  • In our clinic, we can usually perform root canal treatment several times a day.
  • Root canal treatment can only be performed by experienced dentists who only perform root canal treatment in the clinic.
  • Complete isolation of the tooth for root canal treatment using only advanced dental procedures.

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