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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a highly effective method of whitening teeth without abrading the tooth surface. Certain treatments won’t completely change the color of your teeth, but they can lighten the existing shade. Mohali’s Esthetica in our clinic uses advanced, painless teeth whitening technology to ensure patients have a smile at the end of their session.

If you are thinking of the best teeth whitening treatment in Mohali, then Esthetica Dental Care is the right option. Esthetica Clinic’s team of experienced and qualified dentists strives to provide the best teeth whitening treatments and long-term solutions at very competitive prices.

What Does it Involve?

At the Esthetica Clinic, best dental implant in Mohali, certain treatments begin by placing gum guards or gels on the gums to protect the teeth, then apply whitening products to the patient’s teeth with custom-made mouthguards. Hydrogen peroxide, or carbamide peroxide, is the main “active ingredient” in certain tooth whitening products, helping oxygen reach the tooth enamel and lightening the actual color of the tooth.

How long will it stay whiter?

Teeth whitening effects may last as long as you avoid smoking and foods and beverages that can stain your teeth.Teeth whitening procedures are only performed by our specialist dentists. At Esthetica Hospital, a dental implant Chandigarh center, We also offer dental patient home bleaching solutions for more lasting results.

Therefore, we offer the following whitening services.

1) Smile Home Whitening: Esthetica clinics typically create a custom-fit splint according to the patient’s dental requirements and provide the patient with a whitening gel so that the patient can perform the treatment at home.

2) Smile Zoom Whitening:   We use the latest technology such as Philips Zoom technology to prevent staining and discoloration during your first teeth whitening session.

Can a single tooth be whitened?

yes. Damaged teeth may become stained or discolored after root canal treatment. In this case, the canal (which contained the nerve) can be reopened and a whitening product applied from the inside to whiten the teeth.

Visit Esthetica Dental Chandigarh to find out how teeth whitening services can brighten your smile.