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Crown and Bridge Dental Service

Crowns primarily restore function to teeth that have been weakened or decayed by fractures or root canal therapy. A bridge, on the other hand, essentially replaces one or more teeth by gaining the support of adjacent natural teeth.

However, Esthetica Clinic offers both aesthetic and functional best crown and bridge dental services in Mohali, which are based on the latest technologies, CAD/CAM, scanning, etc. Our professional team of dentists is adept in providing not only crowns & bridges, but the entire dental related services in a very gentle way, much to the comfort of the relevant patients. Drs  uses only the world’s renowned and trusted Procera crowns at his clinic aiming to provide complete individualized prosthetics with the precise fit at unbeatable prices.


When does it require?

Dental treatment for crowns and bridges may be necessary for the following reasons: After root canal treatment. Or if your tooth is partially broken and cannot be repaired, a crown is the ideal solution for that. Or, if you find that you are missing one or more teeth in your mouth, you may need a dental bridge. Therefore, it helps prevent adjacent teeth from shifting or moving into empty space and is considered the best dental implant method.

Which type of Crowns and Bridges to choose?

Esthetica Dental Chandigarh uses different types of crowns and bridges to improve strength and size and provide patients with natural teeth.At our clinic, we mainly use gold, metal crowns, metal-ceramic crowns, and all-ceramic crowns.

Gold and metal crowns are fairly sensible tooth-shaped “caps” that are placed over the back teeth for an unsightly appearance. Metal-ceramic crowns are used to strengthen and maintain the natural bite. metal construction. All-ceramic crowns are made entirely of aesthetically pleasing ceramics, and it is very difficult to distinguish artificial all-ceramic crowns from natural teeth. These types of crowns are ideal for front teeth and do not need to be removed if you decide to have an MRI in the future.

Hence, for best results and painless treatment, you can visit us and get affordable prices for full mouth dental implant cost or Root Canal Treatment