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Oral Surgery Live Training

Oral surgery live training refers to hands-on, practical training sessions and educational experiences designed to teach and enhance the surgical skills and techniques of oral and maxillofacial surgeons, dentists, and other dental professionals. These live training sessions are typically conducted in clinical settings, dental schools, or specialized training centers and provide participants with opportunities to practice various oral surgery procedures under the guidance and supervision of experienced instructors. Esthetica Dental Academy provides live oral surgery training with patients. Book Live training Class now.

Module 1

Duration: 7 Days
Cost: 25,000 INR

  • Pre-operative planning and role of sterilization in O.S
  • Role of X-rays and CT scan in maxillofacial region
  • Use of antibiotics in O.S

  • Exodontia

  • Transalveolar Extraction

  • Impaction

  • Alveoloplasty

  • Suturing technique

  •  Principles of Instrumentation

  • Apicectomies

Module 2

Duration: 10 Days
Cost: 50,000 INR

  • IMF
  • Significance Of Biopsies In Diagnosis (Incisional, Excisional & Aspirational)
  • Reimplantation of tooth

  • Retrograde filling & success

  • Repair of oro-antral fistula & oro- nasal fistula with b.f.p & buccal advancement

  • Management of oro-facial pain

  • Regional & peripheral neurectomies & use of absolute alcohol in t.n surgical intervention in cysts

  • Fracture of jaw

  • Open reduction with mini bone plates

  • Close reduction technique

  • Dental emergencies

  • What is heimlich manouver?

  • Management of patient on dental chair with following conditions:
  • – Faint, Stroke, Corticosteroid insufficiency
  • – Cardiac arrest, Hypoglycemia, Anaphylaxis
  • – Drug Reaction
  • – Postural Hypertension

  • – Acute Asthmatic Attack