Why full mouth dental implants in a day is so popular?

Traditional dental implant procedure is a multistep process, which usually takes 3 to 6 months. However, nowadays none of us wants to wait for such a long time to get back to our normal life. This is when single day full mouth dental implants come into existence.

Think of a person, who has lost all of his teeth and dreaming of getting new teeth. He would have to wait for at least a year to get back to his routine life.

Thankfully, now we have an option of single day full mouth dental implant facility. In this treatment, you will get a set of prosthetic teeth placed on the jaws to give an aesthetically pleasing smile in just one day.

We can say that: Walk in Esthetica & flaunt out.


  1. Time Saving: A single day full mouth dental implant procedure is completed in a single visit. Compared to other traditional implant treatment which usually takes 3 to 6 months, single day full mouth implant procedure is much more convenient because the patient has to visit once for implantation only.
  2. Reduced discomfort: The entire procedure is completed in only one day. So, the discomfort experienced due to multiple surgeries and recovery is reduced significantly.
  3. Busy schedule: Most of the people have been busy in either their professional or personal life. This means taking out several months of their precious time to visit the dentist is not at all feasible. Single day full mouth dental implant procedure takes around 3 hours to complete the implantation process.
  4. Back to normal life: People can regain complete functionality of their teeth immediately after the procedure. This means they not only get back to their normal life but also enhance their quality of life.
  5. Better technology: The advancement in dental technology has made it feasible for dentists to perform full-mouth dental implants in a single day. The specialized dentists can now plan and implement complex implant procedures more efficiently.


  1. Subjective factors: Single day full mouth dental implants are subjective to the medical and clinical history of the patient. This technique might not be suitable for all patients. Thus, it is essential to discuss in detail with your dentist.

Why Esthetica Dental Clinic is a perfect choice for single-day full-mouth dental implants?

Full mouth implants in one day are a very challenging task because the procedure involves several procedures to be performed in a single day. It is a premium dental care facility that is not provided by a majority of dentists or dental surgeons.

We are happy to announce that one day full mouth dental implants are currently provided at Esthetica Dental Clinic.

Prof. Dr. Sharad Arya is the Best Dentist in Tricity and has handled more than 11,000 implant cases since 2012. He has efficiency in handling high-risk implant procedures. One must have diverse experience in delivering implantology in all the spectrums to perform single day full mouth dental implants.

Prof. Dr. Sharad Arya has been teaching Implantology and visiting various research facilities across the globe, he has been the part of various prestigious implants organization from USA, Switzerland, Germany and Italy, since 2012.

You need not to wait for several days to get your procedure completed. With Dr. Sharad and his team, you can be assured of quality and hygienic dental treatment.

At Esthetica Dental Clinic, we aim to provide complete patient satisfaction. We have the best dental implant facility for all-on-4, all-on-6, and full mouth.

If you are someone looking for the Best Dental Implant services for a full mouth or Best Dentist, then Esthetica Dental Clinic is the right choice. Here you will get a cheap dental implant facility. Moreover, Esthetica Dental Clinic is also recognized as the Best Dental Clinic in Mohali. Here, you will get services from a team of highly specialized dental experts.

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Why wait for several days to get the full mouth dental implant treatment, when your city has the Esthetica Dental Clinic?

Book your appointment now, and get an instant aesthetic smile on your face. To know full mouth dental implants cost, contact on our helpline no. +91 9817230279 or visit our website https://www.estheticadentalchandigarh.com/

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