Dental implant cost

The technological advancements have completely changed dentistry, providing you the solutions to all your dental care needs. Full mouth dental implants have been the most effective method to get back to your normal life if you have lost most of your teeth. One of the major concerns for most of people is the expensive dental treatments. Through this article, we will give you insights into the full mouth dental implant cost.

Full mouth dental implant

Full-mouth dental implants are a comprehensive treatment that replaces all your teeth. It is a permanent solution to the damaged or infected teeth. This is the best treatment option for all those who instantly want to get back to normal teeth functionality.

Full mouth dental implants can last a lifetime and prevent bone loss. It also supports adjacent teeth and keeps you free from gum problems. The treatment aims to provide confidence and improved quality of life.

Now, you are aware of full mouth dental implants. The next major challenge is finding out which is the best dentist in Mohali or the best dental clinic in Mohali.

Esthetica Dental Clinic – The best dental clinic to get an elegant smile”

At Esthetica Dental Clinic, we provide all types and the best dental implant services. We specialize in providing all-on-4, all-on-6, and full mouth dental implants facility.

We also provide one-day dental implant services, where the entire process of implantation takes a few hours to complete. In this case, the dentist assesses your teeth or medical condition before making a final decision to proceed.

You will also have an option of dental implant services in 72 hours. In this case, the entire process takes no more than 72 hours to complete. Highly risky cases are generally advised 72 hours implant process.

At Esthetica Clinic, we have the world’s renowned advanced technology. Some of the reputed brands we deal in are Osstem Implant, Nobel Biocare, 3M, Philips Zoom, Dentsply Sirona, Ankylos, Durr Dental, and many more.

We have a high-tech 3D treatment planning facility for full-mouth dental implants where you can get to know what the end product will look like before actually proceeding with the treatment.

The clinic is headed by Prof. Dr. Sharad Arya, who has more than 20 years of experience and has handled more than 12,000 high-risk dental implant cases.

Selecting an experienced and seasoned dental professional is essential for successful treatment outcomes. With Dr. Sharad and his team, you can remain stress-free before and after the implant procedure.

Here, you will get cheap dental implant services. The average cost of single dental implants starts at Rs 15,000 and full-mouth dental implants start at Rs 2,00,000. The cost might vary depending on your oral health.

With the finest treatment options, we provide a 100% success rate of our treatment at least dental prices in the Tricity.

If you are looking for the best dental hospital in Mohali or the best dentist in Tricity, then you need not to search anywhere else because your city has an Esthetical Dental Clinic. We ensure value for your hard-earned money.

To know full mouth dental implant cost, you can consult our highly specialized dental team at our clinic or call +91 9817230279

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