Child Dental Clinic In Mohali

Kids dental health plays an important role in the overall well-being. The dental health habits inculcated by the parents at the tender are carried on throughout life. If any of the dental problems arise at such an age, the parents or guardians should immediately take the kid to the dentist. Identifying a reliable and specialized dentist can make a significant difference in keeping up with oral health from such an early age.  kids dental clinic in mohali Services provided by kids dental clinics

  1. Check-up and cleaning: Regular check-up is essential and it should begin from an early age so that if teeth require cleaning of plaque, tartar, or stains, it can be treated instantly.
  2. Cavity removal: The early identification and removal of cavity can help to retain the teeth structure and avoid further decay.
  3. Flouride treatment: In this treatment, fluoride is applied to the teeth to enhance the strength of tooth enamel.
  4. Education and counseling: Proper guidance on dental hygiene practices can be taught, which includes diet and eating habits.

How parents can help maintain good oral hygiene of their kids?

  1. Parents should encourage their kids for regular brushing habits twice a day.
  2. Child-friendly dental care products should be used because they have a mild impact.
  3. Parents should supervise the kids brushing session so that they can be taught the right technique.
Esthetica Dental Clinic – Best kids dental clinic in Mohali

Esthetica Dental Clinic provides the best and most comprehensive dental care services fulfilling the individual needs of growing children and teenagers. Here, we provide child-friendly environment suitable for children’s comfort. Such an environment plays a significant role in reducing anxiety. We have a welcoming atmosphere having colorful toys and décor. The staff is also trained to make the child feel comfortable before and after the treatment. The child visiting for the treatment will not at all be scared of visiting again for a routine check-up. Esthetica Dental Clinic is the best kids dental clinic in Chandigarh. The location of the clinic is suitable for all the residents of Tricity. Parents will not experience any difficulty in bringing their children to the clinic for treatment. We also send friendly reminders for regular dental check-ups to the parents every six months. Any dental problem caught at the early stage is easy to treat and the child also experiences less discomfort. Esthetica Dental Clinic is owned by Prof. Dr. Sharad Arya, who has more than 20 years of experience in dentistry. He and his team of specialized dental surgeons have handled more than 10,000 cases of kids dental care. Esthetica Clinic is equipped with modern technology and equipment. The intensity of pain felt by the kid is more than the pain experienced by an adult. We strive to provide anxiety-free and pain-free services with our advanced technology. The kids dental services provided by Esthetica Dental Clinic are regular check-ups, dental cleaning, dental sealants, orthodontic assessment and treatment, pediatric oral surgery, behavior management, emergency dental services, behavior management, education and counseling, and many more. Esthetica Dental Clinic is an expert in handling kids dental care needs, which is the reason it is recognized as the best kids’ dental clinic in Mohali. If you want to book an appointment for your kids dental care needs, you can trust Esthetica Dental Clinic because we are the best kids dental clinic in Chandigarh. Contact us at +91 9817230279 or visit our website

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